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Prija Emotional Ritual Kit

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Holistic wellness with seductive ingredients and fragrances.
Seduce your loved one with Prija sensory experience.

Production: Cosmetics are produced entirely in Italy, sachet and Bath tablet are made in China. The kit is assembled in Italy.

Dimensions: 11 x 14,5 cm

1 x Vitalising creamy bath foam in 100 ml bottle
1 x Relaxing massage lotion in 100 ml bottle
1 x Moisturising body cream in 100 ml bottle
1 x Relaxing Bath Tablet 35g
1 x Softening Soap 35g
5 x Energising Towelette with Lotus flowers from Laos

Vegan friendly
Efficacy tested
Dermatologically tested
Smells great
Prija Emotional Ritual Kit
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