Itinera best shampoo for damaged hair - GFL Cosmetics
Itinera Instant Protection Shampoo (370 ml)
What is it Instant protection Shampoo with Tuscan hills chestnut, protects against heat damage. (370ml) Why use it The Instant Protection Shampoo features an ingredient obtained from organic chestnuts grown in this land. The chestnut is rich in nutrients, it...
Itinera Instant Protection Conditioner (370 ml)
What is it Instant protection Conditioner with Tuscan hills chestnut.Protects against heat damage (370ml) Why use it Instant Protection Conditioner, a formula designed to revive damaged hair, carefully and gently. Enriched with an ingredient obtained from certified organic Tuscan chestnuts,...
Itinera Tuscan Woods Kit (2 x 370 ml)
Itinera Tuscan Woods duo kit, box made in paper pulp. Production: Cosmetics are produced entirely in Italy, box is made in China. The kit is assembled in Italy. Contains: 1x Silky touch Shampoo 1x Silky touch Conditioner Dimensions:13,5 x 21...
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