Prija full-size products
Prija Vitalising Shower Gel And Shampoo (380 ml)
Vitalising body and hair cleanser with Ginseng. Gently cleanses the skin and scalp with the enveloping fragrance of Prija, with an immediate sensation of vitality and well-being all over the body. Enriched with Ginseng extract. The invigorating properties of the...
Prija Vitalising Creamy Bath Foam (380 ml)
Vitalising creamy bath foam with Ginseng and a pearly texture. Its enveloping scent stimulates the skin with energy and vitality. Its formula cleanses gently, leaving the skin moisturized and radiant, for an immediate sensation of well-being all over the body....
Prija Fortifying Shampoo (380 ml)
Strengthening shampoo with Eruca Sativa, cleansing and conditioning for all hair types. Formulated with a carefully balanced blend of surfactants, it forms a soft, creamy lather that gently cleanses without attacking the hair structure. Enriched with Eruca sativa extract, it...
Prija Toning Body Cream (380 ml)
Toning cream designed to give elasticity and hydration. The formula is enriched with Green Walnut extracts, rich in polyphenols and other important active ingredients and Centella asiatica, a medicinal herb of oriental origin renowned in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an...
Prija Hands And Body Moisturiser (380 ml)
Moisturising hand and body cream with Vitamin E. Creates a moisture barrier that ensures soft and silky skin for a long time. Enriched with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid precursors to protect against skin ageing and promote correct epidermal hydration....
Prija Relaxing Massage Lotion (380 ml)
Emulsion with a light, refreshing and pleasant touch on the skin ideal for gently massaging the body with relaxing and anti-stress effect. Formulated with Aloe Vera, it refreshes and moisturises, leaving the skin smooth and silky. Enriched with Cypress oil,...
Prija Vitalising Cleansing Hand Wash (380 ml)
Liquid hand soap with Ginseng for daily hygiene. Gently cleanses the hands, with the enveloping fragrance of Prija, for an immediate sensation of vitality and well-being. Enriched with Ginseng extract. The invigorating properties of the Ginseng plant have been known...
Prija Protective Conditioner (380 ml)
Creamy conditioner with Green Walnut extract, suitable for all hair types. It exerts a protective and conditioning action on the hair.At a particular stage of maturity, the walnut husk is particularly rich in polyphenols and other active ingredients with protective...
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