Itinera natural curly hair products - GFL Cosmetics
Itinera Volume & Curls Shampoo (370 ml)
What is it Shampoo with Tuscan red grapes for defined and bouncy curls. (370ml) Why use it The innovative blend of non-aggressive surfactants used in our Volume & Curls Shampoo, combined with conditioning and emollient ingredients such as betaine from...
Itinera Volume & Curls Conditioner (370 ml)
What is it Volume & curls Conditioner with tuscan red grapes. For defined and bouncy curls. (370ml) Why use it The Volume & Curls Conditioner, with untangling and moisturising properties, is made from red grapes from the vineyards of the...
Itinera Tuscan Vineyard Kit (2 x 370 ml)
Itinera Tuscan Vineyard duo kit, box made in paper pulp. Production: Cosmetics are produced entirely in Italy, box is made in China. The kit is assembled in Italy. Contains: 1x ITINERA VOLUME & CURLS SHAMPOO (370 ml) 1x ITINERA VOLUME...
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