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Geneva green

Get inspired by nature and feel the magic of secluded destinations.

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Prija está diseñada para seducir y complacer nuestros sentidos.
Prija narra una cálida historia de aventuras exóticas que evoca la mágica sensación de descubrir nuevos lugares.

The destination

Prija is a brand that started in 1998 inspired by the mysterious and fascinating East offering a range of products which will take you on an epic journey to exotic, unexplored places. When you experience the warm scents, the natural colours, the sensual textures of the Prija product range on your skin and hair, which are rich in precious ingredients expertly blended both from the west and the east, your body care routine will become a moment of escape through a rediscovery of yourself.

Tentación para tus sentidos

Prija products are Clinically Tested, Nickel Tested and Vegan friendly due to the formula and the manufacturing process do not imply use of any animal product. Completely free from Parabens, GMOs, Petrolatum, BHT and Phenoxyethanol.

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